Friday, April 1, 2011

Vocations Week

WOW! What a great week it has been for vocations for Glenmary and all the communities participating in the Vocational Week here in Yahualica, Mexico. Planting the seed with hundreds of young people the joys of being a religious and in particular of being a religious with Glenmary Home Missioners. Many of the men and women participating in this weeks activities are still in high school or middle school but it is never to young to promote the call to religious life. We also used this opportunity to meet with families and remind them of their responsibilty to encourage vocations in their families. An essential part of being a missioner so far from home does include receiving support from ones families and receiving their blessings. Let us continue to pray for more vocations and for more families to figure out ways to promote a positive culture of vocations to the church and the missions.

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