Monday, April 4, 2011

Plant the Seed

I am finishing up my visit here in Mexico. It has been a great week! Talked with so many young people about Glenmary and religious life that I truly believe that Glenmary will receive MANY, MANY, MANY more vocation prospects from here in the years ahead. The diocesan office has worked out a great system for us to get out and share the joys of religious life in many places throughout the diocese. It has been a fruitful and moving week. The spirit has been present. Thanks to everyone who organized and made this week possible. And thanks to a wonderful host family allowing me stay with them this week
If you are considering a vocation to Glenmary I encourage you to visit our website or contact our office to get more information sent to you.
Hope to update you all some more when I return. Short posts this week as I have had limited access to the internet.

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