Friday, August 26, 2011

Vocation or Vacation

I often search the word "vocation" on twitter in order to see what people are tweeting, to look for new people to follow and to find the latest links. I am always amazed at how often people misspell "vacation" with "vocation." The end result is that their tweets can be very humorous because of the error. See some of my recent finds below.

I need a vocation, NOW!

I don't want my vocation to end! I'd rather stay here forever.

I just returned from my vocation !!!!!! It was great !!!!!

Guess where I went on my summer vocation?

Two flights, car, plus small yacht to get on board the big one! Now my vocations started, time to enjoy n relax!

So it seems like I just need to pack some stuff for my 2 weeks vocation and then I'll be off.

Europe trip! Europe trip! I want a vocation !!! :o

Have a long vocation planned which doesn't start till next week.

Vocation specials - two for one.

3 days & counting until my vocation starts

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  1. Those are priceless! Thank you for posting them. Too bad those aren't real posts for people excited about vocations.