Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School

Last weekend I went to Epworth, Iowa in order to take our new Glenmary students back to school. It was a wonderful visit with the folks at Divine Word College. I was impressed by all of the teachers, staff and of course the students. On my tour of the campus, the day before orientation we stopped by the library and happened to find a new student from China already studying, trying to learn more Spanish. Although the school is truly nestled away in the heartland of America, I liked that it has such a diverse student body and a strong sense of mission. I think the location adds to the sense that the people studying there are truly dedicated individuals. As they like to say, it “is the only undergraduate Roman Catholic seminary in the entire country that is dedicated to preparing young men for missionary service.” I was wishing that I had gone to school there myself…

I am looking forward to another visit real soon in order to spend more time with our students. And the next time I visit I hope to sit in on a few classes, learn some more Vietnamese and visit the “Pour House.”

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