Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tweet, share, send, upload, post...

Tweet, share, send, upload, post... When does it ever end? I did not have a chance to post much to this humble blog last week since I was participating in our Glenmary Congress. Congress is our annual gatherings of Glenmarians (see previous blog post) . Since Congress only comes around once a year, I had to take full advantage of the opportunity to spend quality time with my brothers in the community. Topics of our discussions included vocations, transitions, theology of mission and much much more. There was also plenty of time for relaxing with one another, sharing of stories and much laughter. A sneak preview of our vocation video took place as well as the viewing of Glenmarians and students on You Tube... Liturgies allowed us to join together and renew our spirit in God and commitment to one another in our prayers and the Eucharist. Time was also found for games of volleyball, cards, walks and even singing together. Tweet, share, send, upload, post... it is good to connect with so many other people electronically but I did enjoy the week of limited internet access and intermittent cell phone signal in order that I had ample time to spend with my Glenmary family.

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