Friday, April 18, 2014

New to the Glenmary Website

The following articles for discerners have recently been posted on the Glenmary Website.

'Slow, Substantial Progress' Marks Glenmary Ministry, Discernment         

The progress of those discerning with Glenmary may be slow, but that process leads to substantial growth and helps discerners draw closer to where God is calling them. Their discernment is similar to the slow, substantial progress Glenmary has made during its 75 years, starting, nurturing and building up a large number of missions from scratch in Mission Land, USA.

God's Forgiveness Lets Us Begin Again      
By Pat McEntee, Associate Vocation Director

As spring helps cleanse and renew the Earth, Lent helps to cleanse us. And the Easter season reminds us that we can overcome our faults through God's mercy and forgiveness----so that we can better serve the Church in the vocations to which God calls us. 

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