Sunday, November 20, 2011

NCYC Recap

What an awesome weekend! 23,000+ youth were in attendance at The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) and it was jamming all weekend long. Glenmary's Booth in the Vocation Village part of NCYC was a HUGE success. Great event and great people is the best way to describe the experience. Because I was meeting so many people I had little time to tweet, foursquare, update or let alone blog! Fifty pounds Glenmary's popcorn seed "Fed the hungry" at the conference and brought thousands of visitors by our booth to learn about the Home mission need. Six New hats for the youth to trade were given away during our drawings and many of the participants signed up to receive Glenmary's email updates. Some of the young men who stopped by appeared to be great vocation candidates for the near future! I will pray and believe that many of the men who stopped by will become Glenmary priests and brothers. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to meet us and we look forward to communicating with you more in the future. Let us know if you need more popcorn, another fifty pound bag of seed is on order!
Fr. Neil and Pat McEntee making popcorn
Pat explaining the Home Mission Need
Br. David and visitor pose in front of Glenmary's Booth 
Closing Liturgy from the National Catholic Youth Conference 2011

More photos and video will be uploaded to our Facebook page.

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