Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Does it All Mean?

"What does it all mean?" The title of today's blog sounds like a great title for a Vocation Blog... But this time the question is actually referring to the blog itself and not vocation discernment. I wanted to explain some of the details along the right side with my readers.

Along the right hand side of this blog is a lot of information and sometimes new readers don't always know what it means, so today I provide you with a brief explanation/description:

My Twitter feed, follow @hermanodavid is linked in case you want to get the latest and sometimes wacky updates.

Also along the right side is a way that you can EASILY SHARE my blog with all your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Try clicking on "Share this" or "Tweet this" to see how easy it really is.

The Join this site button lets you register to receive automatic updates when I post a new blog. You can register publicly or privately.

The Facebook button allows you to find me on Facebook (Hermano David Henley). Here we can stay connected with more regular updates. Glenmary's Vocation Department also has a Facebook page which you will want to "Like" as well.

Scrolling down lets you see the most popular Glenmary Videos on my Youtube (BrotherDavidGHMchannel this week.

There is also an Archive of all my blog posts and a list of my most Popular Posts.

Right below these words is a place for readers Comments. I pledge to keep adding quality blog posts, and ask my readers to occasionally share some feedback - tell me what you think, good or bad.

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