Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saint Meinrad Seminary

Saint Meinrad Seminary
I am currently in Saint Meinrad, Indiana visiting with the Glenmary students in the seminary. Monday night is the best night to visit because it is community night at our Glenmary House. The students gather for prayer, Mass, meal, a programmed talk and social time. It is a lot to squeeze into one night but it is an important part of community life. Since everybody has a little different class schedule and extra curricular activities, community time has to be worked in when EVERYONE can participate. It is the one night a week all the Glenmary students are together, under one roof to talk about what is happening in life, at school, etcetra. And since we are a religious community - community life is extra important: we choose and promise to be a part of this community of missioners for the rest of our life when we take our final oath.
This past Monday night I was the main cook for the community night. The good news is everyone ate what I served and a few of them even went back for seconds... This either speaks well of my cooking or says something about what they have been eating in the seminary cafeteria. I hope to stop in and cook for them a little more often - as a couple of them were looking a little thin.
If anybody would like to visit the seminary, meet the students, our formation directors or myself as part of your discernment - let me know, it can be arranged. (Monday nights are best!) 

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