Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vocation or Vacation II

I often search for the word "vocation" on twitter (@hermanodavid) and I am always amazed at how often the word "vacation" is misspelled as "vocation." I blogged some of the funnier mistakes that I found last month (Aug 26 blog) and have since found some more. 
If it wasn't a misspelling, I might have missed my true calling on the vocation that includes "Sun and Beach." 
Here's the tweets:

I wish my vocation would last the rest of my life!

SUN and BEACH - best vocation ever!

I really would love to have a paid vocation.

Why can't vocations last forever?

Due to my vocation I did not have access to internet last week

A week off work spent at home cleaning house is not a vocation!

I think I need an extra long sumer vocation.

This is the best vocation of my life.


I am looking for a good place for a family vocation. Any recommendations?

Free vocations are the best.

As long as people keep misspelling vacation as vocation on Twitter - this blog title might turn into a regular series...

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