Friday, September 23, 2011

Glenmary Blogs

Wanted to share with all my readers some other good Glenmary blogs to follow from time to time - Just don't forget about this one...

Rev. Charlie Hughes who is only 83 years of age started a blog a little over a year ago and covers a wide range of his mission experiences and reflections. The blog is called Catholic Insight and it can be found here: Usually updated a couple or three times a week.
"We count! While God formed the universe, scattered the stars by the billions, made the grass to grow, designed the flight of birds, the color of the sky and the hardness of the diamond and granite stone, He had each of us in mind! God knows us, God loves us, each one, uniquely, by name. Lord, Thank You !"

Rev. Steve Pawelk has a new blog titled Missionary Beginnings. This blog highlights his experiences along with those of Bro. Joe and Bro. Craig in a new mission in Eastern Tennessee. It can be found here: I have found it is usually updated at least once a week, usually on Monday afternoons, sometimes more frequently.
"We had Mass in my house, and as far as I know, unless there's evidence different, it was the first Mass in Union County. To think that the Eucharist is present in Union County, even though there's just two of us at a 6 a.m. Mass, that's what it's all about. It's offering the Eucharist and transforming the community through the grace of God in the power of the sacraments."

Deacon Aaron Wessman who is studying in his final year at Saint Meinrad Seminary shares some of his seminary reflections in his blog called Cognition of a Roman Catholic Missioner.  Although it is not updated as much as the others it is worth following. I think Deacon's Theology Exams take precedent over blog updates in his life right now...
"Everyone goes through struggles, some of which are far greater than those I will ever experience - I must be more grateful for what I have been given."

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