Thursday, September 15, 2011

Come and See

"I fully believe that God is alive to people and I fully believe that God hears the cry of the poor. I think we in the Church have have to look around to the suffering and struggles of the people and nature and take action. God has empowered us. We can't let God take the bum rap for why things aren't done." Rev. John Rausch

October 15 - 18 the Glenmary Vocation Office will be making a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Appalachia. Not the Holy Land most people think of when making a pilgrimage... This will be a great opportunity for those discerning a vocation to meet with a number of Glenmarians, visit areas where Glenmary serves, talk with the folks living in those areas and learn about the challenges that exist in these poor rural areas of the United States. Glenmary priest, Fr. John Rausch will serve as our tour guide for this extraordinary event. Fr. John's pilgrimage will not only be an opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful scenery in the mountains but also include discussions and analysis of the current social economic and environmental crisis this region of the U.S. is confronted with everyday. These issues include mountaintop removals' environmental impact, lack of quality healthcare, education, unemployment and much more... Fr. John who is a recipient of the Pax Christi Teacher of Peace award, has over ten years experience leading these types of educational tours throughout Appalachia.
If you are interested in joining us on the tour let us know we see can send you more details.    

Register for the Pilgrimage on our website.

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