Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mission Visits Might Include a Meal and Sometimes Even More

I think that one of the most important stages in discerning a vocation with Glenmary or any religious community is getting to know one another. And one of the best ways to do that is to take a mission trip. Glenmary has missions in 9 different states; Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virgina, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas and Oklahoma. One of those is bound to be near enough for a visit. More information about where each of the missions in these states are located can be found on our webpage "Where we Serve". So why not take a road-trip and check it out in person? Arrangements can be made ahead of time and we can travel to the missions together or if you're just passing through the area you could call ahead to find out Mass times and stop in for a visit. No pressure or commitment at this stage... just call us up and let us know when you might be available and we can usually work something out.
Glenmarians are very welcoming and known for their hospitality... We love visitors, so you might even get a free meal out of the visit or more when you stop in to see us. One time a young thief entered a Glenmary residence and one of the older Glenmary members passed him in the hallway. The Glenmarian presumed that the young man was a student or prospect in for a visit. So the Glenmarian gave the thief a hug goodbye and wished him his blessings on his journey as he went out the door with the bag of loot - what hospitality!

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