Monday, June 18, 2018

Three Simple Discernment Actions

In recent conversations with the men visiting Glenmary, I have been asked, "How will I know if I am called to be a priest or a brother?" The best answer is of course to pray about it. A Glenmary priest used to say, "We've tried everything else, we might as well pray." 
We Americans like books with the words "do-it-yourself" in the title. Oftentimes when we encounter a difficulty in life we try to plug away and get through it by ourselves. It is only as a last resort that we finally turn to God. 
Our discernment journey, a journey we definitely cannot make alone. In order to make a good discernment we need assistance from God and others. Click here to read about three tips to help us find the right road on our spiritual journey: a map, a copilot and a weekend get-away.

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