Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Durango, México

I always enjoy my trips to México and this visit has been especially rewarding. From Morelia to Guadalajara, to San Luis Potosí and Monterrey and many stops along the way, the trip has provided me with countless new contacts here in México.  The men I have met with are at varying stages of discernment. I have met with many young men for the first time and visited with others who have been in contact with me for some time. I am impressed by the faith and the desire of these young men to search for where God may be calling them. In México a common word that goes with discernment is "acompañamiento." The dea of accompanying someone on their discernment journey. I am priveleged to have that responsibility. Of course they would all make fine Glenmary priests or brothers but the key to acompañamiento is to walk with them and help them find where they are being called not just promoting my own community. Pray for all these young men as they sort out God's will in their life.
Next stop on my Vocation Tour is Durango, México.

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