Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Challenge

The latest edition of Glenmary's quarterly magazine, The Challenge is coming soon!

The Challenge magazine; "has three goals: to educate Catholics about the U.S. home missions, to motivate young men to consider Glenmary priesthood or brotherhood, and to invite all Catholics to respond to their baptismal call to be missionary by partnering with Glenmary as financial contributors, prayer partners, professional coworkers and/or volunteers."

I am particularly impressed with the upcoming issue and hope that all of my readers already receive copies in the mail or by email. If you do not receive this magazine yet, you can sign up on our website to start receiving it in either hard-copy or electronic format with a few simple clicks. The current issue which should be coming out in a few days has an outstanding cover story about Glenmarians serving the mission fields of Georgia. 

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