Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Glenmary Home Missioners is making history today. We will be holding our first ever Community wide gathering via the internet. Smaller committees have been successful with this venture in recent times.  Normally we only gather once a year as a community for a meeting we call our General Assembly. Since we want to have more contact with each other on a community level we decided to try and set up a second meeting annually. Being conscience and good stewards of our resources we tried to find the most economic way to hold this meeting. By hosting the meeting by internet from six regional sites we estimate that we are able to save thousands of dollars by cutting out the travel and accommodation expenses. Therefore more resources can be shared directly with the mission need. Please pray for us as we undertake this new venture and hope that it is successful in guiding us as a community allowing us to better serve the mission needs here in the United States.
Glenmary Home Missioners June 2011

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