Monday, January 16, 2012

Night Calls

I always enjoy the readings at mass during this time of the year because they are very much about vocations and discernment which is good for those discerning their call and beneficial for me too in order to help me to reflect on my own call again. This past Sunday (2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time) we heard the first reading from the book of Samuel (Sm 3:3b-10, 19). Samuel was woken up three times in the night and ran to his teacher Eli to ask him what he wanted... Eli, who was Samuel's teacher and supposedly a bit wiser, didn't even realize that it was God calling young Samuel until the third time. Finally the fourth time Samuel responded to God as Eli had instructed him; "Speak, Lord, your servant servant is listening."
One question I think about is why did it take Eli three times before he realized Samuel was being called by the Lord? Something for me to continue to ponder. Another question is, why have I not heard the voice speak out like Samuel did that night? Maybe I have and not recognized it is being from God...
As vocation director I have met a lot of people who have felt called by God to become a priest or a religious brother. I have not met anyone who was woken up three times in the night though. God speaks to us in different ways and I think that yearning we feel deep within is similar to what Samuel heard that night. Like Samuel, I think it good for those of us who hear the voice of God or that yearning within to find someone who is older and wiser to help us to discern what that call means. Eventually though we have to answer and follow that call for ourselves.
If you would like to follow the call to be a missioner you can find more info on Glenmary's website which has a page dedicated to the stages of discernment.

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