Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kansas Mission Awareness - Road Trip

Sharing a Glenmary Mission Map
The Glenmary Vocation Office has been traveling through the Diocese of Salina, Kansas this week on a Mission Awareness / Vocation Tour. We have been visiting two different schools each day, giving talks about who Glenmary is, where Glenmary serves and reminding the kids that ALL of us by nature of our baptism are called by God to be missioners! The kids at each of the schools have been great - full of energy that is and very participative. I think at the end of this week I will have to write a blog about some of the funny questions that  they have asked and some of the unique answers they have shared. 
The long straight roads of Kansas road may be tiresome at times but I am constantly being re-energized from the kids. Their energy is contagious. 
This week our grade school presentations have included mission stories, mission trivia games, mission movies and even some juggling! I know both Pat and I have been having a grand old time meeting the kids and I think the kids have been having a good time too! And hopefully 
Pat's Popular Mission Trivia Game
we are planting vocation seeds for future missioners at the same time...

If your school or parish would like to invite us over to present a mission program - give us a call!

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