Friday, October 28, 2011

The Darndest Things

Br. David sits with some
young vocational prospects
This week the Glenmary Vocation office toured the Diocese of Salina Kansas giving talks to seven different grade schools in four days. Our talks focused on Glenmary, Mission Education and Vocation Discernment. Talking to the grade school kids was great fun for me because that age group came up with the darnedest questions and answers.

When asked where they thought Glenmary should send missioners one of the students suggested "Milwaukee." 
Another student suggested that brothers could spend their days "going fishing"

My Question: "Does anyone know what the difference is between a priest and a brother?"
Student Answer: "Sure, priests wear black brothers don't."

My Question: "Has anyone ever met a religious brother?" 
Student Answer: "Are they kind of like Sisters, but boys?"

Pat looks for volunteers
Best question from a second grader: "Why don't you wear a brown bath-robe like other monks?"

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