Friday, July 9, 2010

Back from México, off to Chicago.

The last two weeks I spent traveling through Mexico and did not have a chance to update my blog. It was a great trip, traveling from Tlaxcala to Aguascalientes with many stops in between. My main mission during this trip was to visit a number of prospects, contacts and seminarians. I am thankful for the hospitality of everyone who received me, lots of good food, conversation and company. One of the men I visited has been accepted as an aspirant with Glenmary for this coming year, another hopes to enter the Curso Introductorio in Arandas, Jalisco and a couple of others are hoping to come visit the missions this fall. Many others with whom I visited are at differing stages of discernment and I ask for your continued prayers for them during their time of discernment.

Will be here in the office today in order to try and get caught up and then will be headed off to the National Religious Vocation Conference in Chicago, Illinois for the next two weeks.

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