Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hearing Voices?

My latest column Hearing God or Hearing Voices? on Glenmary's website has been getting some attention. In the column I quoted Mark Mossa SJ from his new book and added a few reflections of my own... Surprised that he stumbled across it but glad to see that he liked what I wrote. He wrote in his blog GODsTALKed "One good shout out deserves another. Glenmary Brother David Henley has written an insightful reflection about the experience of vocation. He also kindly jumps off a quote from Already There!"
A quote from the column and Fr Mark:
In a book I have been reading, Already There: Letting God Find You, author Jesuit Father Mark Mossa gives a good explanation about some of our doubts regarding whether we are being called. "In the course of history," he writes, "some saints and even some crazy people have shared with others that God has spoken to them in an audible voice. It may be that I'm not saintly or crazy enough, but this has never been my experience."
Read the whole article on the Glenmary website: Hearing God or Hearing Voices?

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