Wednesday, August 11, 2010

500 Million or One Zettabyte

I am not good at numbers, adding & subtracting I can do alright but understanding and remembering large figures is not part of my brains internal wiring. The funny thing is though; I did notice “numbers” when I was listening to the news last week. BBC radio reported that “global data storage is about to reach one zettabyte” Another news outlet reported that facebook now has 500 million users. To be honest, I don’t think I would know what a zettabyte was if it came up and bit me, and I am glad I have not been “friended” by 500 million users on facebook because I doubt I would have time to read all of their posts. Therefore I am glad I do what I do, I don’t have to “crunch numbers” or look for place to store bytes of information. That is what it means to follow our vocation, doing what God wants us to do, and I think that also means doing something we enjoy doing and for me, thanks be to God, that has nothing to do with numbers.

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