Friday, January 9, 2015

Flourishing Apostolic Life

During this Church Year of Consecrated Life I hope to take some of the quotes from Pope Francis' Apostolic letter on this year.

"The consecrated life will not flourish as a result of brilliant vocation programs, but because the young people we meet find us attractive, because they see us as men and women who are happy! Similarly, the apostolic effectiveness of consecrated life does not depend on the efficiency of its methods. It depends on the eloquence of your lives, lives which radiate the joy and beauty of living the Gospel and following Christ to the full."

As much as I like to think that Glenmary asked me to serve as vocation director because of my brilliance, I have come to realize that I am not brilliant and secondly it is not brilliance that has seen the growth in vocations to Glenmary.  When I tell people we have fifteen students, they often say "WOW! That many for such a small community." Yes that is an absolutely outstanding number considering the size of the Glenmary community.  Glenmary's vocations are flourishing because our charism is relevant today. Glenmary gives men the opportunity to respond to their call to serve in the much need areas of Mission-Land USA.
If you are feeling a desire to do more or a calling to respond the mission needs, consider attending a Come & See retreat where you will have the opportunity to meet with joyful Glenmary priests and brothers and see how they are following Christ to the fullest. you also see how your gifts can be used in many ways in service to the People of God who live in Mission-Land USA.

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