Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Glenmary Website Updates

A few new articles to help with your discernment have been posted on the Glenmary Website.

We all have flaws and we've all made mistakes, but each of us can accept the Lord's gift of redemption, recycle our lives, and answer God's call. Maybe, in your life, that calling is to serve the home missions as a Glenmary priest or brother.

By Father Dan Dorsey, Novice Director
Are you willing to walk a mile in a missioners' shoes? Whether you're participating in a weekend mission experience, or later staying and assisting at a mission for a more extended time, these firsthand experiences are the best way to understand Glenmary's unique ministry and see if the shoes fit!

By Pat McEntee, Associate Vocation Director
Many common misconceptions about vocations to the religious life are accepted as fact. However, the landscape is continuing to change, and it is easy to find out that many of these myths are not true. Read about what the reality is at Glenmary----or better yet, come and see for yourself.  

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