Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vocation Signing Day

A couple of weeks ago was College Football's "National Signing Day." If you do a Google search on this subject you can find hundreds if not thousands of articles about which recruit is committing to join which school and thousands more articles ranking which schools have the best recruiting classes... 
I have often wondered why we don't try to promote religious vocations in a similar way, why not have a "signing day" with the men and women who are interested in joining our religious communities?  I can imagine photos of the young men and women about to join religious communities being taken as they sat at a large table with the logo of their new community on the wall behind. And as they signed the application, their parents would be proudly standing off to one side and the religious superior of their new community on the other. 
The Catholic Press Association's ranking the top 25 religious communities based on who "signed" the best prospects to become priests, brothers or sisters might be a bit over the top. And although "Vocation Signing Day" may never receive as much attention in the main stream media as the athletic recruits, I do think that something similar could be an excellent way for the church to promote vocations to the religious life in the major catholic media outlets... 
A prospect for Glenmary signs his application
while his mother and father watch.

Fr. Don and I visit with the family of a prospect in order to share
more information about Glenmary and the mission need.
For more information about Glenmary and discerning be sure and contact us at

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