Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fr. Frank Schenk

Glenmary priests and brothers never cease to amaze me. Fr Frank Schenk celebrates his 96th birthday today. We actually honored him last night by celebrating his birthday party with a special supper. This morning I had the privilege of taking him to the local polling station at 6:30am so he and I could vote. Fr. Frank is the oldest living Glenmarian. A side note for those who don't know this, although he is blind he still bakes bread 3 days a week at our Glenmary Headquarters (scroll down to see the pictures below). Homemade bread from flour that he grinds himself! AMAZING! Thank you Fr. Frank for yours of service in the missions and to your continued dedication to your fellow Glenmary brothers. Happy Birthday!
Happy 96th Birthday Fr. Frank Schenk!
Fr. Frank celebrating mass at Glenmary's Our Lady of the Fields Chapel
Fr. Frank STILL makes bread
Fr. Frank with his homemade bread
fresh out of the oven

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