Friday, June 10, 2011

Rev. William Howard Bishop

Rev. William Howard Bishop, founder of the Glenmary Home Missioners, passed away 58 years ago tomorrow. Since I hope to use tomorrow's blog to update everyone on the election our new president, I decided to upload these quotes and photos a day early as a memorial of Fr. Bishop.
Memories about Fr. Bishop by Glenmarians can be found on our website

“There was never a time when missionary activity was more needed in our beloved land than it is today.”

"A flower is small, like the small, isolated groups that we minister to, like the little children. So small a flower is easily overlooked on the roadside. You hardly see it as you pass by. But pick it up and examine it; it becomes a thing of beauty; so, too, the country parish and the country child."

“Our work is to go into the forgotten and neglected places, the no priest land, the no-Catholic land of America to accept as bases of operation the little border-line parishes that nobody wants and from them to build up little outposts and parishes where now no hope of them exists.”

Fr. Bishop at the ground breaking of the Our Lady of the Fields Seminary
Fr. Bishop in his garden
Fr. Bishop at a May Crowning ceremony
Fr. Bishop at an Oath Ceremony for new members
Fr. Bishop on a motorcycle!

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