Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Challenge

Why was Glenmary Home Missioners founded? Below is a copy of the original map drawn by Fr. William Howard Bishop, founder of Glenmary, showing "No Priest-land USA."
Saturday, June 11, 1953 is the anniversary of our Rev. Bishop's death but I hope to have an updated blog announcing Glenmary's new president on Saturday June 11, 2011. Therefore, I will upload pictures of Rev. William Howard Bishop a day earlier on Friday's blog.

Glenmary continues the mission of our founder by serving in nearly 40 different missions in Appalachia and the deep south. Rev. Bishop's map (above) is 75 years old but the "Challenge" to share the Good News in rural USA continues... Today in 2011, almost 60 years after Fr. Bishop's death there are still vast areas of the United States which can be considered Mission-Land. These are places where the Catholic Church is not yet present.
Glenmary will be moving into new missions in Tennessee later this year, places which have never had a Catholic church! You can read more information about the new missions on our website -

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