Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glenmary Chapter

Please continue to pray for Glenmary as we prepare for our 15th General Chapter.

Loving Father, As Glenmary prepares for its 15th General Chapter, grant them vision and inspiration to better serve your people in the mission areas of the United States.

You are the Vine Grower. In your wisdom and love, we pray that you will take away every branch that does not bear fruit and prune all other branches so that they may bear even more fruit.

Lord Jesus Christ, You are the true vine and we are the branches. Apart from you we can do nothing. But in union with you and your love, whatever we ask for will be done.

I humbly beg you, therefore, to allow Glenmary's 15th General Chapter to bear fruit so that those in even the most forgotten and neglected areas of the United States might be fed at your Eucharistic table.

Holy Spirit, You open the heart and the mind to the Vine Grower's call. You make effective every impetus toward good, toward truth and toward charity. Bring to completion the joy of Jesus in these missioners so that their love may be made manifest to all.

Father, Son and Spirit, Receive with kindness these prayers for Glenmary's 15th Chapter. Grant its participants zeal, generosity and unity to help them remain faithful to the Gospel and the Mission in which they share.


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