Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glenmary Chapter

Glenmary Home Missioners will be gathering for the next two weeks for meetings called our 15th General Chapter. What is a "General Chapter?" It is the authoritative, legislative body of Glenmary which elects our leadership and sets the course for our missionary efforts for the next four years. Our theme for this Chapter is"A Community of Missioners" which reflects who we are and will hopefully guide us as we pray and make decisions which will set the course for us and the missions over the next four years. The following quotes from our Glenmary Constitution the describes some of the functions of the General Chapter:

"Once every four years, at a time specified in the Directory, the General Chapter shall convene with full competence over all matters including the constitutional law of the Society without prejudice, however, to the general law of the Church requiring permissions and approvals for certain matters. The Constitution may be changed by two-thirds vote of the Chapter,
with the approval of the Holy See."

"The General Chapter will be a Chapter of the Whole composed of all members under perpetual oath. Members under temporary oath, novices, students and invited consultants will participate in discussions but without voting privileges. The quorum for Chapter meetings is a majority of those with a right to attend."

"At the Chapter of Elections, which begins the General
Chapter, all members of the Society under perpetual oath
will elect the President and the two Vice Presidents. The
process shall be prayerful and provide time for dialogue
between the potential officers and the Society as well as
among the members themselves. A majority is required for
election to each of these offices. Voting continues, without
limit as to the number of ballots, until one person receives
a majority."

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