Sunday, January 30, 2011

Powerful Words

Just heard the translation of a poem which has recently been shouted on the streets of Tunisia and now being recited on the streets of Egypt. They are powerful words which seem to stir up something inside and therefore wished to share them here.

These words and the inspiring images coming from the streets of Cairo make me feel the need to pray for a peaceful revolution or transition of power in that part of the world. May the presence of the Prince of Peace be felt throughout the world in particular in those places where injustice and despair are so overwhelming.

To the tyrants of the world. (Ela Toghat Al Alaam)

by Abu alkasem al Chebbi, 1909 - 1934

Hey you, the unfair tyrants...
You the lovers of the darkness...
You the enemies of life...
You've made fun of innocent people's wounds; and your palm covered with their blood
You kept walking while you were deforming the charm of existence and growing seeds of sadness in their land

Wait, don't let the spring, the clearness of the sky and the shine of the morning light fool you...
Because the darkness, the thunder rumble and the blowing of the wind are coming toward you from the horizon
Beware because there is a fire underneath the ash

Who grows thorns will reap wounds
You've taken off heads of people and the flowers of hope; and watered the cure of the sand with blood and tears until it was drunk
The blood's river will sweep you away and you will be burned by the fiery storm.

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