Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letter from Pope Benedict XVI

Just read the letter that Pope Benedict XVI recently wrote to all Seminarians. I hope that they all have a chance to read his inspiring words, to reflect on them and to know that they are meant for each one of them individually. Every day I give thanks to God for those men who have responded yes and I know that the people in the missions where Glenmary serves do too.
I also share the link to the letter here for those who are discerning their call to religious life so that they might be inspired as well to continue pursuing their call to serve.

"...You, dear friends, have decided to enter the seminary and to prepare for priestly ministry in the Catholic Church in spite of such opinions and objections. You have done a good thing. Because people will always have need of God, even in an age marked by technical mastery of the world and globalization: they will always need the God who has revealed himself in Jesus Christ, the God who gathers us together in the universal Church in order to learn with him and through him life’s true meaning and in order to uphold and apply the standards of true humanity. Where people no longer perceive God, life grows empty; nothing is ever enough. People then seek escape in euphoria and violence; these are the very things that increasingly threaten young people. God is alive. He has created every one of us and he knows us all. He is so great that he has time for the little things in our lives: “Every hair of your head is numbered”. God is alive, and he needs people to serve him and bring him to others. It does makes sense to become a priest: the world needs priests, pastors, today, tomorrow and always, until the end of time..."

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