Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mountain Managers Needed

Currently, the Glenmary Volunteers on Joppa Mountain (Toppa Joppa) has only one mountain manager, Adam Donovan. Gina Maslanka left in early March to discern her vocation. Adam has done a wonderful job handling "March Madness" during Spring Break season, but we are seeking four more mountain managers to join us in faith-based long-term service.

Glenmary's long-term volunteers serve as a catalyst for change - in the hearts and minds of the short-term volunteers visiting Toppa Joppa and in the lives of the residents of Union and Grainger counties. Mountain managers shepherd the volunteer groups serving at Toppa Joppa, planning their service and social events and guiding them throughout the day.

For the local residents, mountain managers become friends as well as resources, providing firewood, food, construction help, regular visits and a link to Glenmary's wealth of services. 

The time volunteers spend at Toppa Joppa is a unique experience, one that allows the volunteers to see the growth of individual volunteers and to be a part of the life of the Appalachian region. Those who work at Toppa Joppa try to illuminate problems in the areas of social justice and to live simply in community.

If you know someone with a heart for service and who would enjoy living simply while making a difference, encourage them to apply. Glenmary provides room, board, a stipend and health insurance to long-term volunteers. Long-term volunteers can serve for three months to 24 months and must be at least 21 to apply. 


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