Monday, March 20, 2017

Br. Bob Hoffman

We ask for your prayers for Glenmary Brother Bob Hoffman who passed away this weekend.  Br. Bob, who was 89, professed his First Oath as a Glenmary Brother in 1952 meaning he was a Glenmary Brother for 65 years. Just two weeks ago I was visiting Br. Bob and he told me, "We need more vocations! I am able to go out and give some talks about Glenmary to school children whenever you want. Just tell me where and when." Br. Bob was passionate about Glenmary and his vocation until the end. 
"My good and faithful servant...
Come, share your master’s joy."
Br. Bob's funeral arrangements is listed here:
Br. Bob's full obituary can be read at this link:


  1. Brother Bob was an amazing guy!
    I have met him many times at Brother Meetings over the
    years....He was always enjoyable to be with and never shy
    to speak his mind/truth.
    May he rest in peace!
    Sean, sds

    1. Thank you for sharing your memories of Br. Bob. He will be missed here on earth but I am sure he is already in heaven speaking his mind with Jesus. And sharing his passion for Glenmary and the people of the missions with anyone willing to listen.