Monday, May 9, 2016

Application Week

Updates to this blog were missing last week as it was "application week" in the Glenmary vocation office.  "Application week" is the time that men who are applying to enter into our formation program come to Glenmary's headquarters for their official interviews with the myself and the Glenmary admissions committee.  Our current Admission Committee is made up of Fr. Chet, our President, Fr. Dan our Director of Education and Fr. Bruce our Director of Formation. Most of the time the applicants have met our admissions committee, usually when they participated on a Come & See retreat or they visited our headquarters during their discernment. The official interviews are a little more formal but coat and tie are not required. We are just simple country missioners.
The interviews are an opportunity for our admissions committee to get to know each of the applicants and they allow each of the applicants to get to know us a little better as they discern their calling. I have heard from all of the men who have gone through this process, it is certainly closer to a dialogue than it is to an interrogation...
Pray for the fine men who were here with us last week and for all of those who are discerning their call to the Glenmary way of life. 

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