Thursday, March 10, 2016

New on Glenmary's Website

A few good articles for those discerning religious life have been posted on our website.

Lent is an excellent time to reflect on the experience of God's mercy in your life and how you are called to share that mercy with others.

By Wilmar Zabala, Vocation Counselor 
Wrestling with the questions of ''What do I want?'' versus ''What does God want?'' can be a lot easier if the two are not separated.

Fr. Steve Pawelk, Glenmary Mission Pastor Father Steve Pawelk, pastor of two Glenmary missions in Tennessee, says that he is reflecting on his own sinfulness during Lent. He says that he, too, must examine his faults, his sinful habits and his weaknesses. And he adds that he needs to engage in practices of charity, fasting and prayer to better allow the Holy Spirit to fill his life.

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