Monday, January 25, 2016

Moving Up Country

Now that the weekend Come and See retreat is over, Fr. John Brown and I will be moving up country in order to visit with the families of the five men who attended the retreat. Home visits are an integral part of Glenmary mission ministry and while on a vocation trip in East Africa it is no different. The home visits give us an opportunity to get to know each of the young prospects a better and allow us to meet their families. Meeting with the families gives each of them the chance to ask all of the questions that moms and dads worry about, questions such as;  "Where will he study?" "With whom will he live?" "How long until he is ordained?" "Will he be able to come home to visit?" "Who will take care of him if he gets sick?" "Can we call him?" Just to name a few...
This week will mean lots of moving on public transportation, all over Kenya but I am looking forward to meeting with the families of each of the fine men on our retreat.

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  1. Will pray for their vocations from New Jersey right now.