Thursday, January 7, 2016

Glenmary News

Have you read these recent articles on the Glenmary Website yet? Two of these articles appeared in our most recent Glenmary Challenge Magazine. All three highlight different aspects of Glenmary's mission charism in rural mission-Land USA.

Glenmarian Reaches Across Brokenness 
By Frank Lesko
During 49 years as a Glenmarian, Brother Curt Kedley has been involved in a wide range of ministries. One significant way he has found to address the racial and religious divisions in rural mission areas is through an interracial, ecumenical ministry of presence and solidarity in worship at mostly African-American Protestant churches.

The Journeys of Two Missions (Part 1)
By Dale Hanson
When Glenmary Father Vic Subb contemplated becoming a mission pastor again in 2012 after seven years away from this role, he was excited and happy. Now, three years later, he says that getting to know the people in the Lafayette and Celina mission areas has been a real joy.

The Racial Divide
By. Fr. John Rausch
Glenmarians are pledging to examine themselves and challenge others to identify the overt and subtle racism in our culture, so we can all pray for the strength to reject it and open ourselves to conversion.

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