Monday, June 15, 2015

Glenmary's General Chapter

"Once every four years, at a time specified in the Directory, the General Chapter shall convene with full competence over all matters including the constitutional law of the Society without prejudice, however, to the universal law of the Church requiring permissions and approvals for certain matters." Glenmary Constitution par. 109
This week starts the XVI General Chapter for Glenmary Home Missioners. Our Chapter is a time for all members under perpetual oath to gather for discussions around the mission needs and needs of the society. We will be electing a President and two Vice Presidents who will be our Executive Council for the next four years. We will discuss the short and long range goals of the society.  Other invited participants will include members under temporary oath, novices, students and invited consultants who participate in discussions but without voting privileges. 
This week will start  with a Chapter Retreat. Please pray for us as we prepare ourselves and open ourselves up to the work of the Spirit in guiding us throughout our decisions.
This video from the XV General Chapter in 2011 highlights that we are a community of prayer; "We as Glenmarians hold that prayer is essential to our Christian life and apostolate, and we pledge to one another a continual effort to pray faithfully." 
Glenmary Directory par. 41

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