Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gaudete Sunday

Today while reflecting on the Magnifcat (Luke 1:46-55) I see that Mary's song of praise rejoicing in the Lord should be the song that all religious sing out as we follow our vocation.
For those who are discerning their vocation, I recommend reflecting on the first 4 verses (46-49).
Can you relate to Mary's rejoicing? Can you see yourself as lowly? Can you recognize the blessings you received? Often times we reflect on our sinful past which causes us to wonder "why has God called me?" or  we doubt the call we feel, fooling ourselves by saying that we certainly can't be the one who God is calling? Mary does not have a sinful past but she recognizes the blessings she received by being chosen by the Lord. We too need to let go of the self doubt and the holding on to the past. God knows us and despite our sinful past loves us anyway. We don't always know why we have been singled out or received this blessing but we certainly can rejoice upon receiving this gift. Let our "yes" be a song of rejoicing as we see that God has looked down and smiled on us and has truly done great things for us.

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