Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Founding a Society (part 6)

Inside the first issue of the Glenmary Challenge, Fr. Bishop included letters of support from Maryknoll's superior General, the Most Rev. James E Walsh, the Bishop of Fort Wayne, the Most Rev. John Noll and of course from Archbishop John T. McNicholas O.P. of Cincinnati. The letter by McNicholas was his letter of invitation to Fr. Bishop;

Archbishop McNicholas
Rev. Dear Father,
     I am happy to welcome you to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The Archbishop of Baltimore, recognizing the thoughtful and prayerful years through which you have passed in preparing for a work which I hope will be abundantly blessed by God, has granted you an indefinite leave of absence.
     I ask that you go to the historic section of Brown County and to take charge, temporarily, of St. Martin Parish. I have recommended your proposed home mission society to the priests of the archdiocese assembled in retreat, asking their prayers and urging them to favor you and your companions, especially during the first struggling period of organization.
     It is important that an episcopal board be formed, which you can consult whenever you need the direction of the Church and which will enable you to profit by the missionary experience of many dioceses. I have already asked several bishops to serve on this board. They have gladly consented to serve.
     Asking God to bless you and your work, and trusting that Cincinnati will give to you some of its best men, because the mission field should have the best, I am,
                                           †John T McNicholas,
                                             Archbishop of Cincinnati.

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