Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Founding a Society (part 3)

Fr. Bishop and Fr. Sourd
After nearly two years in the the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Fr. Bishop had gathered a small band of men which included; Fr. Raphael Sourd, a diocesan priest, and five seminarians. They were not a canonical society yet, still had no rule but were finding the way to go forward.
Fr. Bishop searched for financial support and vocations. He was passionate out the mission need and wrote that "There is no occupation in America that demands more in brains, sanctity, judgement and physical and spiritual endurance than the home mission-field, nor is there and occupation that offers a richer, more varied or more soul-satisfying career those who study for the church."
Couldn't the same thing be said today? The "home mission-field" is waiting for you. 

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