Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Mission Land, USA, Is Waiting for You
Recent reports show increases in the number of men responding to the call to a Catholic Church vocation. And Glenmary itself now has 12 men in formation. But we are receiving requests from bishops for missioners that we cannot meet. The people in "Mission Land, USA," are waiting for Glenmary missioners. Are they waiting for you?

The Francis Effect on Vocations  
By Mr. Pat McEntee, Associate Vocation Director
Pope Francis has been in the chair of Peter for almost 18 months. His charisma, humility and joy have allowed his messages to reach Catholics and non-Catholics in unprecedented ways. One important and unanswered question is: how is his presence influencing religious and Glenmary vocations?

Finding My Family
By. Father Frank Ruff, Glenmary Senior Member
Glenmary Father Frank Ruff shares how an early, life-changing experience in his priesthood gave him a new understanding and love of his fellow Christians, as well as shaping his ministerial priorities. Since that time, he has known that "ecumenical efforts must be a high priority for Glenmary and all Catholics."

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