Monday, September 8, 2014

Brothers Movie

Recently I had a chance to watch the new film, "BRO: Men with Hope to Bring." It is not a Glenmary movie but it does present a clear image of who Brothers are and what they do in the church and the world. It is an excellent movie for men who are discerning their call. I know that one of the biggest difficulties for me while I was discerning my call, was that I did not know much about brothers. How could I clarify my call without having an example? Eventually meeting a few brothers did help to guide me on the path to becoming a Glenmary brother.
This new film asks the question, are Religious Brothers the “best-kept secret of the Church?" And it attempts to answer the questions:
What does it really mean to be a Catholic Religious Brother? 
How are they distinct from the Catholic priests? 
Why did they decide to become a BROTHER? 
What empowers them as they live their vows in a secular world? 
BRO Men With Hope To Bring Official Trailer from Nich Perez CSC on Vimeo.
The film's website includes contact information for arranging a screening near you.
Glenmary Brothers share their own reflections on what it means to be a Brother in this short video:

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