Monday, August 18, 2014

August 2014 Website Updates

Discernment: Is There an App for That? 
 Apps may make people's lives simpler and some may even help individuals find good matches for dating. But no app can replace good discernment if you are trying to determine whether you are called to religious life. Discernment is prayerful decision making that takes time and openness to God. Are you open to God's call for you? 

Glenmary Visits The Fest in Cleveland   
Pat McEntee, Associate Vocation Director
I recently met with hundreds of visitors in the vocation tent at the Fest event in Cleveland, Ohio. Topics of conversation included what Glenmary does, the Glenmary Farm, discernment, and possible vocations for family members or themselves. As a result of these conversations, those who expressed interest might have discovered a call to serve in the U.S. home missions. 

My Novitiate Experience with Glenmary  
By Patrick Muriithi, seminarian
Glenmary's newest member, Patrick Muriithi, took his First Oath in June after completing his one-year novitiate program. His reflections on experiences as a novice provide insights into how the process helped him learn more about Glenmary, himself and his vocation, with the assistance and guidance of his formation directors and other Glenmarians. 

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