Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vocation "inqiuetud"

This past week I returned from a visit to Mexico where I met with many young men who are discerning their vocation. I like the word in Spanish that is often used to describe one's feelings while discerning a vocation. The word is "inquietud." I don't think that there is an exact English translation for this word but it is something like restlessness, uneasiness, anxiety or concern. All strong words which attempt to name that feeling we have inside us which is gently encouraging us to follow our personal call to find our vocation. Sometimes it is even hard for us to name that feeling ourselves. I think I have best heard it described as a "gentle urge or tugging." If you are experience these feelings yourself contact me to discuss more about how you can follow that call to become a missioner.
Below are a few pictures of Glenmary's discerners in Mexico, please pray for all the men who are currently discerning with us.

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