Monday, March 24, 2014

Coming Soon

This coming Friday, March 28, Cesar Chavez the movie opens nationwide. The officail movie website is I never had the cahnce to meet the man but I have met farmworrkesr who claim to have known him back in the 1960 and '70's. I did have an opportunity recently to visit his former home, now grave-site and Foundation in Keene, California. They have a wonderful display of pictures from his life, work and passion on display in the museum located there. The Cesar Chavez Foundation Website states that Cesar, "A true American hero, Cesar was a civil rights, Latino and farm labor leader; a genuinely religious and spiritual figure; a community organizer and social entrepreneur; a champion of militant nonviolent social change; and a crusader for the environment and consumer rights." Although I have not seen it yet, I recommend that my readers go out to see the new movie based on his life this weekend which will hopefully inspire us to dedicate our lives to working for peace and justice for all. I'll be sitting in the front row on Friday night with a big bucket of popcorn to share.


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