Monday, November 25, 2013

New Mission Map

A Catholic Church in every U.S. County. Is that too much to ask? Glenmary Home Missioners has created a new map based on data collected by the Glenmary Research Center which highlights the areas of the U.S. with a low percentage of Catholics. A highlighted county on this map indicates that the population is less than 3% Catholic! This map also shows the mission counties where Glenmary currently serves and those missions that have been successfully returned to the care of the diocese.
US Catholic Mission Needs Map
While this map clearly indicates a Catholic mission need in hundreds of U.S. counties, Glenmary actually uses several criteria to define "mission need" and to determine which counties Glenmary would serve in the future.

The Glenmary mission criteria includes the following...
  • less than 3% of the population Catholic.
  • 40% or more of the population unchurched.
  • poverty rate is more than twice the national average.
If you would like to receive a 24"x36" copy of this map to hang in your parish or school send an email to

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