Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Glenmary "Hangouts"

Glenmary currently has missioners living in eight states. Being so spread out can make it difficult to get everyone together for community gatherings. And while being together as a community is the ideal we sometimes have to use modern technology to make that happen. Today all Glenmary missioners will gather at eight different sites and then link up in a day long "Glenmary hangout" session on Google+. Not the same as being together in one room but it is one way for us to use the available technology to work together on the issues of the society and to discuss the needs of the missions.
While one day of "hanging out" with one another is not enough time to get all the issues resolved but gets us working in the right direction and by using technology we save the society money and lessens the carbon footprint by not having to drive to meet in one location. 

From our Glenmary Constitution, "The men of Glenmary are called to community. They are united in love of the Father through Christ and in the Spirit. They are united in love with one another by the spirit of Christ."

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